Overview of Plastic Pipe Market by Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturers


Competitive plastic pipes are used for transferring wastewater, potable water, cooling and heating fluids, chemicals, gases, vacuum and compressed air system applications. Fiberglass pipe manufacturers explain why the use of plastic and competitive pipe provides a wide range of benefits to the users, such as:

  • Moderate cost
  • Ease of handling
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Installation
  • Long service life

Due to these advantages, growth of plastic pipes can be seen by manufacturers. PVC, ABS, fiberglass, HDPE, and CPVC are types of plastic pipes manufactured at the foundries. These are the alternatives to metal pipes made of steel, copper, aluminium, concrete, ductile iron, and clay.

PVC contributes the largest share of market in plastics pipe.

The products like plastic or pvc pipes and frp/fiberglass pipes are intended for construction and building projects, electrical and electronic industry, petroleum and chemical industry. The increasing expenses on building construction further develop demand of these products. Due to rising demand of construction of residential market, housing, kitchen and bathroom leads to grow the demand for drain, vent, and waste pipe.

In order to conduct proper electrical and telecommunication wiring, demand for fiberglass or plastic pipe is growing in non-residential building. Construction and building sector contributed the maximum share in global market of fiberglass and FRP pipes.

Due to its high durability, low cost, and compression, many industries are installing these competitive pipes to their infrastructure. Some industries are unable to replace their steel pipes with plastic ones because among all materials, steel pipes hold the largest share in global pipe market.

In overseas, plastic pipe market is growing due to several investments made by government over gas exploration and municipal infrastructure in wastewater pipeline distribution. Vast investment on commercial and residential building construction in some developing countries also helps in growing the plastic and FRP pipe market.

How recycling market of fiberglass and FRP pipes helping the environment?

Fiberglass and FRP pipes recycling market encourages people to collect and recycle piping solutions to make an eco-friendly approach. Experts from this sector are motivating fiberglass pipe manufacturers to keep increasing the number of recyclable products, so that they can include in their new range of products. Preventing material from being land-filled is not a sustainable approach. This is why major manufacturers have started focusing on eco-friendly approach and are making recyclable piping solutions.


Author: eppcomposites

EPP Composites is one of the leading global players in the rapidly growing Composite Industry. The extensive range of products manufactured by EPP include GRP/GRE Pipes, Fittings & Liners, FRP Cooling Towers/Scrubbers/Blowers/Hoods/Ducts & Chimneys, FRP Storage Tanks, various FRP Pultruded Products, FRP Cable Trays, SMC Electrical Boxes, Electrical Poles, FRP Doors & Roofing Sheets.

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